Stop Raven About Snodgrass Eskimos in Nebraska Bro

Explícito Stop Raven About Snodgrass Eskimos in Nebraska Bro

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Goodell says he wishes he would’ve listened to Kaep earlier. He then apologized.
NFL teams cancel practices across the league in response to Kenosha police attempted murder and paralysis of Jacob Blake, a father of three breaking up a fight between two women on his kid’s birthday. Uprising started and 17-year old white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people, shot others ... Más informaciones


  1. 00:00
  2. 01:22
    Pete’s sister was found safe.
  3. 02:54
    MyKell Mathieu from Courtside comes on to admit he was almost a Raiders fan...sort of
  4. 05:00
    Colin Kaepernick, Social Justice, police brutality and Brian Urlacher
  5. 09:05
    Metro services may soon be free. There was a Field of Dreams reference.
  6. 12:00
    Fantasy Football Talk
  7. 19:00
    Black quarterback talk with a lead-into Hard Knocks talk
  8. 26:54
    Oppression in America and in sports. More Roundtable talk
  9. 43:00
    Enrique aka Eric tells a story about how he played with a person in high school who apparently shot at him. Wild times
  10. 53:00
    Eagles injuries and OG Eskimo Bro Earl Thomas and other stories
  11. 56:40
    College Football
  12. 58:34
    The birthplace of this episode title started here with Snodgrass
  13. 64:15
    Touchdown or Tangent
  14. 67:00
    Ace Ventura love. Salute to Jim Carrey. All the Almighty Movies are Fire
  15. 77:00
    Touchdown or Turnover
  16. 78:00
    Kenny got bars. Y’all sleep.
  17. 80:00
    Unnecessary Toughness rants

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